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Car parking management system

Autopark 2000 - Parking management system for subscriber & occasional customers

Data & Control Systems provides an integrated parking management system of subscribers and occasional customers, (AUTOPARK 2000) fully compatible with the requirements of the tax code, and can issue certified receipts and invoices. The system consists of, the central station customer management, input / output terminals, and access barriers.
The figure below shows the structure of the automated parking.



The central control system (Server) includes the server and the software, which handles the management of the parking, the printing of receipts and provides statistical data. Also is customizable, user-friendly, and automatically prints the entry-exit moves (book door) of parking.


The system manages all types of customers and may issue any time analysis of parked vehicles in parking. For the management of customers are two main categories.
Occasional customers which to enter the parking have to press the button on the machine and receive an entry ticket (Ticket) with barcode printed and the date and time of entry. They pay each time they wish to leave the site Parking.



Subscriber customers who use inductive card (RF) for the entry and exit from the parking area and divided into 2 subcategories.

  • Customers with a monthly charge

Each month renew their card and can use the Parking until the end of the month. For this category of customers, the system always keeps an empty position.

  • Customers with Billing number N hours or N number of days

Advance purchase of a period N hours during which they may use the Parking.
It is also possible to buy advance period of 1,2 days or more.



Entrance and Exit terminals check the card of the client and allow the entrance/exit, with the possibility of intercom in case a problem occurs. The advantage of using an RF card is located in its function from distance making it user-friendly. In the screen of the terminal appear operational messages (warning for updating card e.t.c.). There is the possibility of automatic video recording of the in-coming car (optional) as well as the time from the camera of the central control station of client management. If the customer has a problem he can through intercom contact the security kiosk.



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