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Car parking management system

Road blocker

Data & Control Systems offer a completed solutions for Parking Management Systems for customers. The management systems is compatible with the requirements of tax code.


The Hydraulic Road Blocker is the vehicle control device which can be either integrated with various parking systems or installed as single unit, designed as an effective means of controlling access to high security areas such as: airports, ports, customs, governmental buildings, banks, penitentiaries, power stations, military sites, stores, embassies, warehouses, etc. The hydraulic road blocker is designed to guarantee the full level of security. The hydraulic drive is operated by an energy accumulator that can be positioned as far away as 4 m. This facilitates placing several barriers end to end to control exceptionally wide access points. The hydraulic road blocker is available in 3 types: CPV-238, CPV-250 and CPV-275.

Heavy duty 10 mm thick carbon steel anti-skid top plates
Carbon steel plate obstacle, 4 mm thickness, welded onto a frame of thick section profiles. The obstacle unit is articulated on two balance spring
Optional crushproof barbed nail
Fully painted frame and cover with galvanized steel plate
Hydraulic power unit fully painted, available with manual operation mode which allows lowering the lifted gate plate back to its horizontal position by manual operation in power failure or malfunction cases
Control unit with push button box, optional remote control.

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