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Data & Control Systems has participated in several research & development programs partially funded either by the European Union or Greece.
Consequently, a wide range of automation systems and prototype electronic systems has been developed, such as:

  1. STRIDE HELLAS Program
    Project:Development of Infrastructure in Biomedical Technology.
    Type of participation: Subcontractor to ICCS-National Technical University of Athens and to University of Patras
    Task:Development of a prototype system
  2. PAVE '96 Program
    Project:Development of an Electrical Safety Measurement System.
    Type of participation:Prime Contractor
  3. TIDE Program
    Type of participation:Subcontractor to ICCS-NTUA
    Task: Development of interface for connecting the peripheralparts of a wheel chair for disabled to its central system (M3S).
  4. European Initiative ADAPT
    Project:77/297 / ZURBARAN - DOS
    Type of participation:Subcontractor to to ICCS-National Technical University of Athens and to company "B.ALEXANDRIDIS"
    Task:Development of an Information Management System for Production Monitoring.
  5. European Initiative ADAPT Β
    Project:INTERPIG / Development of an Information and aMultimedia Training System for usage through Internet inthe Pig Farming sector.
    Type of participation:Contract Participant
  6. PAVE '97 Program
    Project:Development of an Electronic Control System for Fabrics High Pressure Coloring.
    Type of participation:Prime Contractor
  7. PAVE '97 Program
    Project:Development of a Dental System for the Measurement of the Osteoporosis using the Ulrasound SOS Method.
    Type of participation:Prime Contractor
  8. PAVE '00 Program
    Project:Automated Water Seller.
    Type of participation:Contract Participant
  9. IST Program
    Type of participation:Subcontractor of ICCS-NTUA
  10. TEN-TELECOM Program
    Type of participation:Subcontractor of ICCS-NTUA


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