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10-10-2013Integrated System of Parking Guidance in Urban areas based on collaborative nodes – City Parking Guide

Data & Control Systems in cooperation with the University of Patras, the Research center Athena/Institute of industrial systems, ALGOSYSTEMS and Municipal Development Company of Patras S.A. develop within the framework of the project 'KAThoDIGOS', a system in order to monitor, control and manage roadside parking in large cities. The system uses the capabilities offered by distributed collaborative wireless sensor nodes for detecting free parking spaces along road axes and monitoring their use in the context of a parking service with or without fees. Thus, the parking administrator is provided with real-time information regarding the availability of parking spaces in the controlled area and can accordingly inform drivers looking to park their cars. The information can be sent to road screens or can be accessed through a proper mobile application. The system can guide the driver to a free place, monitor the time that the place is used (paid or managed otherwise) and inform the manager or the driver for time limit violations. The system combines information from wired sensor networks (traffic cameras) interrelating traffic in adjacent roads with parking demand. System data can support decision taking processes and the redesign of the management of local parking spaces in a rational and safe manner. A pilot scale application of the system is installed in the city of Patras in order to monitor and manage controlled parking places in selected areas and monitor the traffic on adjacent roads leading to them. The pilot system is going to be demonstrated within the first semester of 2014. The City Parking Guide project (code: 09ΣΥΝ-52-768) is implemented within the framework of Act I: «Small and Medium scale collaborative projects» of the Nationwide Action «Cooperation» of the Area «COMPETITIVENESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP» supported by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious affairs. It is co-financed by ESPA 2007-2013.



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08-05-2012GreenControl by DCS

After a thorough research of the market and the constantly rising demand for “green” solutions created a new system, called GreenControl by DCS and its main goal is the reduction of consumptions and the excess of emissions.

GreenControl by DCS is a complete supervision and control system of lighting and other energy efficient devices which provides a variety of solutions specialized for to the needs of each client, significant cost saving by reducing energy consumption and a friendlier operation to the environment.

An innovative new system that follows the growing needs of the market for “green” solutions.

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12-05-2011PRESS RELEASE «QR Code» Platform on food and medicines to assist the visually impaired

qrcode_blind_assist_apk.pngAn innovative system for both Greek and European standards to support people with visual impairments developed by Data & Control Systems Company.

Few foods have product description recording using Braille code. Currently drugs recording is implemented, still none of the reported cases, neither food nor drug is listed or presented in a manner readable by the visually impaired, the product expiration date.

Data & Control Systems has identified this weakness. People which are blind or partially sighted have trouble in recognizing the expiry date in products. Having worked closely with the Lighthouse for the Blind, DCS has designed, installed and integrated food systems Tracking platform so as to allow specific users and consumers to update key elements of the main product and most important import the required expiration date.

DCS has created a system based on QR Code, which produces a sticker containing information about the product, Production Company, size and expiration date. The sticker is placed at an obvious spot on the package making this information easily accessible to all consumers, using a smart phone.

The visually impaired users will use a smart phone to help with the product “identification” procedure. The user will be assisted with the scanning process by the phone. Following a successful scan all product information will be vocally described to the user.

This application created by Data & Control Systems is currently available on smart phones running Android OS and shortly will be on IPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian. This system will assist visually impaired people to identify all product information and most important to recognize expiration date.

Corporate Social Responsibility has lead many companies to integrate this label to their products. These products will be very soon available on the Greek market facilitating the everyday life of people with visual impairments. The application for smart phones will be distributed free by the Lighthouse for the Blind.

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30-11-2007Company's participation at FoodTech 2007 fair

FoodTech 2007 fair took place in 27-30 September, aiming at the more comprehensive briefing of anyone interested in the food technology and machines sector. An international exhibition was vreated for this purpose, which included companies of food ingredients, machinery equipment for food industry, antioxidant, yeasts, flavours, emulsifiers, fat or oils, fruit and vegetable preparation, preservative liquids, companies of packaging and labelling, bottling, canning, fermentation, stainless steel, weighting, equipment, tools and supplies for food industry, hygiene of industrial spaces, industrial floorings, workers security materials etc.

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