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File management application for lab tests and patients

    Lab tests file:

  • Record patient's information during his visit
    (Possible lab test order, result update, prints, search filters, etc)
  • Inquiry for pendency lab tests, Instant test result update
  • Dynamic forms for lab tests, with the possibility of adding new atttributes (parameter administration)
  • Statistics

    Patients file:

  • Maintenance of patient's electronic file
    (personal information , diagnoses , first and last visit dates, etc)
  • Creating a physical file for patient's history of any type
    (eg word document, image files, etc)
  • Combined search using various criteria


  • Programming and inserting appointments: appointment verification, table prints, statistics
  • Doctor file
  • User managing system (administration), gradation into access security levels, user's action history
  • Managing parameters: add new lab exams, modify and maintain history of normal values by time periods (according to the reagents)

    Technical characteristics:

  • Platforms: Unix, Windows NT 2000 Server
  • Web based allpication: PHP, APACHE ή IIS
  • Data bases: MSSQL SERVER, ORACLE, SYBASE, etc

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