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Web based protocol, filing and file managing system

    Web based application which offers

  • Maintenance company's organization chart
  • 3 user levels (administrator, secretary management, simple user).
  • Managing system's parameters
  • Import files from any form (email, paper, any Windows application)
  • User communication through messages
  • Automatic sending of outgoing files through e-mail
  • Extended search, printings.

Other characteristics:

Platforms: Unix, Windows NT, 2000 server
Data bases: Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres II


  • Maintenance main and local registration protocol books
  • Production and maintenance of statistic data
  • Embeded scanning function
  • Printing configuration
  • Possible file return for correction
  • Possible file registration from any department
  • Change file owner while keeping hierarchy (employees contact only with supervisor)
  • Extended file search by:
    • File type
    • Genre
    • Key word
    • Subject
    • Title
    • Sender's protocol number
    • Protocol date
    • Sender
    • Receiver

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