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Telemarketing Management System

The main characteristics of Telemarketing Management System are:

  • Administration of products / services to be promoted.
  • Campaigns focused on specific target groups. The target groups can be selected from the main database using various criteria.
  • Creation of promotion scripts.
  • Orders / sales / deliveries management.
  • A complete set of reports (promotion scripts, productivity, effectiveness, sales etc).
  • Easy to use and administer.

The system is web-based and consists of two applications:

  1. Central Administration Application
    The administration of the whole system is performed through this application. Some of the main operations that can be performed are: Campaigns creation and administration, administration of users, promotion scripts, products and services, reporting.
  2. Users Environment
    The users use this application during the promotion procedure. Through this application they can see the customer data, follow the promotion script and record their actions.

Other characteristics:

  • PHP Technology
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows
  • Database Server: Oracle, SQL Server

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