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Monitoring system SMS 60

A pioneer electronic system for monitoring and operating the installation of a large number of devices, computer systems, peripheral units and active network units, in addition to monitoring the environmental conditions.

Monitoring is accomplished either through a network (LAN) or through the aid of the system's 24 programmable digital entries.

The predefined operation conditions for the devices or the environment are being continuously checked. In case of any condition change, the system automatically infroms the persons in charge through a written message (SMS) on a predefined telephone number.

The control conditions as well as the message text (sms) are defined in the installation or throughout the system's opperation.

    Technical characteristics SMS 60 :

  • Monitoring active LAN units
  • Possibility of connection with thermostat
  • Possibility of connection with voltage control 220V AC
  • Connection with network OPTO-22 for monitoring other units
  • Possibility of running command 'shutdown' in other systems (Windows or Unix) through network
  • Connection with mobile phone via serial port
  • Sending text messages (SMS) to mobile phones
  • Mass SMS sending
  • Time for sending a written message is 2 seconds
  • Archive keeping (log file) of sent SMS messages
  • External power supply 12V DC or 220V AC
  • Uninterrupted operation up to 2 hours
  • Possibility of connection with printer
  • Possibility of file processing through Telnet
  • Construction and materials used are of industrial standards
  • 24 digital IO ports

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