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Time attendance application

Ideal system for time attendance and monitoring personnel passage using multi-purpose devices connected to a network to acquire information about personnel's arrival and departure time.

The devices include a magnetic card reader or a proximity card and come with or without a keyboard.

The software for the device, the communication network and the central personnel management system has been developed by Data&Control Systems Ltd and can be customised to each company's needs.

Magnetic card reader
with keyboard and LCD screen

    Technical characteristics :

  • High endurance construction
  • LCD display of 2 lines and 20 characters
  • Membrane keyboard 3x4 ή 4x4 keys
  • External power supply 12 or 220 volt
  • Uninterrupted functioning of 60 hours
  • Possibility of time attendance up to 10,000 codes
  • Possibility of connection with electrical lock
  • Connection with computer via RS232
  • Connection with network (OPTO-22) and monitoring through central system
  • Connection with printer (for batch connection)
  • Automatic change of summer to winter time table and vice versa
  • Sound sigmals for verification or rejection of entry card
  • Magnetic card reader ISO 7810

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