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Data & Control Systems Ltd is a high-tech company established in 1993 that specializes in the information technology and automatisms area, offering solutions and products ideal for all the technological needs of companies and organisations.

The company's objective is its creative growth, while designing and producing innovative systems, which are promoted in the market. Thus, Data & Control Systems Ltd is being rendered as a dynamic factor in the domestic market, as well in the international market.

The company's main object is designing, developing and producing integrated solutions and automatisms. Moreover, as a result to participating in research and development programs, several applications in the sector of high technology have been developed.

Data & Control Systems Ltd, possessing the essential know-how and the specialised personnel, provides its customers with products and services of high quality.

Data & Control Systems main activities are the following:

  • Applications of information technology (Intranet – Internet)
  • Electronic systems of automatisms
  • Telemedicine Systems
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Product Traceability Systems
  • Equipment of Information technology (Trading - Support)

Targeting in continuous quality improvement of its products and provided services, our company has adopted a System of Quality Management according to the standard ISO 9001 : 2008, that applies in the entire company.

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